March 7, 2004

computer nightmares

In Italy when one thing goes.. life stops!
First my laptop screen started being in negative, then my modem was blown out by a thunderstorm on my desktop.. got a new modem, couldnìt make it connect at 56k.. got that taken care of...
then my Italian email server decided all my email, ( I have a web site for business with several addresses) was Spam!!!!!

So I sort of had a little meltdown.
In the middle of all this, I am taking an online chocolate class, which is fabulous!

and had homework due.
Not that there wasn't also enough stress, I am also doing 2 presentations in America at a culinary conference in April, all the info was also due.

I am finally caught up and thank goodness have no work ( not getting email is one of the reasons!)

This weekend have created my signature chocolates.. need to eat some french fries, get some salt!!! the whole house smells like chocolate and my husband has a stomach ache! ( he can't help himself!)

So want to keep going now.. the seasons are changing. or trying.. it is snowing again today.

Soup? Polenta? Risotto? A nice piece of warm toasted tuscan bread with unsalted butter and some of those great anchovies I marinated the other day!

Anchovy Me!- how to prepare your own salted anchovies

Buy some anchovies packed in salt ( I prefer the Spanish ones).
Soak in red wine vinegar for about 10 minutes until the salt is dissolved and the fish have softened.
Break open the anchovies at the back of the neck, breaking off the head and pull apart gently towards the belly.
I pull one side of the anchovy away from the bones and then pull the bones off the second side.
Rinse them in the vinegar.
Place in a container and layer them flat.
Cover with oil and keep in fridge.

If you want to get fancy, you can roll them around a caper!