July 24, 2004

Summer in Chianti

Summer in chianti...  

finally got a foto online, will see if I can get it together to document food!!! 

I am on a sort of vacation... no work and so doing some fun stuff.

Off to Londa.. above Pontesieve, to take a class in mask making..feeding the soul!
I am making pesce finto, "fake fish" to take, which will be the new recipe online on my site when my web master is back.. but it is a cold potato salad, with tuna and capers.

Pesce Finto

2 large potatoes
1 can tuna, in oil
4 tbs capers in vinegar
EVO, extra virgin olive oil

Boil the potatoes in salted water, with the peel on, until cooked tender.

Skin the potatoes, and mash or puree.

Add olive oil to thin the mixture ( i do this instead of adding mayo)
Add the can of tuna and break up until the tuna is fully incorporated.
Add the capers and season to taste with vinegar.

I like the salad to have a fresh tang!

It is fun to shape it into a fish or a mermaid shape and cover with thinly sliced cucumbers as scales.

July 16, 2004

Summer arrives.. slowly

this year summer has come in slowly, instead of roasting us as last year.. the hot days have been few and far between.here in Certaldo the nights are still cool, almost cold!

We attended a dinner festival in Montaione, and almost left it was so cold!

today i have some free time so will try to catch up some..

I have had a very busy season, thank god... and was filmed twice.. once for a British Tv show, which

has already been shown,and once for a American that is trying to get a show produced.

then this fall there will be an article on me in town and country travel, that should be big.

Am getting ready for more changes.. and need to think about 2005!

Tonight going to http://http://www.mercantiacertaldo.it/mercantia2002/html_home/default5.htm our local medieval festival. there are always fabulous artisans.

on the way home today, in the house down the road, I saw a sign for ceramics.. http://www.terrydavies.it/index_html_version.html would be fun if he is a new neighbor.. I studied Ceramics and photography in school.. and would really like to go back to creating art in someway.

As for food, think RED

tomatoes, bell peppers, chili peppers, watermelon

I want to cook.. peperonata, buglione, make watermelon granita, Sicilian style infused with jasmine... also watermelon jelly with chili....

tomorrow will make Aqua di Sandia, watermelon-ade, a mexican recipe, puree the watermelon with sugar and water... chill!