October 9, 2004

Perle ai Porci

Pearls for pigs

Here is the foto of the pork chops with Vasco's grapes!

Pork Chops with Grapes
the grapes remind me of pearls

The secret ingredient here is the fennel pollen. I learned about this while working with Dario Cecchini, master butcher in Panzano in Chianti. When you close your eyes and smell the profume, it smells like star anice, an oriental essence which blends well with any fatty foods, like pork or duck.

I like to use the pork shoulder chops which have a little more fat for flavor.
Rub with fennel pollen.
Saute' over low heat until done, turning once.

When the pork is done, squeeze fresh grapes on top..and enjoy!
A nice change from Applesauce!

Dario does this recipes using Vin Santo, Tuscany's dessert wine instead of the grapes.
When the pork is done, splash with Vin Santo, ( stand back it is high in alcohol and can flame!)
Turn the pork to let flavor and serve with the pan drippings.

updates:my new version--
Rub the pork shoulder chops with the fennel pollen.
Saute in extra virgin olive oil.
Add halved white grapes, lightly salt and pepper.
Splash with vin santo ( or sherry).
Remove the chops and let the sauce reduce.
Would be elegant done with small pork tenderloin filets.

Buona Vendemmia!

metello and his San Giovese Posted by Hello


Today is the beginning of the vendemmia.
All my neighbors have been giving me grapes, seems to be a competition on who's are the best.

My real next door neighbors. the Vasco and Donatella, gave me some fabulous table grapes.
Metello, who sold me his aunt's house, took time off harvesting to show me all his varieties.. and give me several different kinds.. if I play my cards right, I will also get some precious Vin Santo!

That will be great!

With Vasco's grapes, I did some pork shoulder chops, sauteed with fennel pollen, lightly salted,, and then deglazed with the Grapes and their juices.. wonderful!!!