June 20, 2005

Bonsai Olive with Cat

Originally uploaded by divinacucina.

Two years ago for my birthday, my friend Gianna and Stefano who have a hot air ballon company in Tuscany gave me a bonsai olive tree.

Not much happened, but this year, I will have a olive harvest!
I almost died with the amount of olive pollen that was produced this year, giving me asma attach and keeping me house bound several weeks ago.

The good news is that the trees are full!

I live in the middle of an olive orchard, and if it isn’t windy at the time the trees are full of pollen, they can’t self pollenate and hence few olives, as last year. We had wind and tons of pollen.
This years harvest looks really promising as does my tiny bonsai!

When we harvest, I will post my olive recipes for raw olives, I love mine salt-cured, to me the easiest and most flavorful way of preparing olives and keeping them. I have tried the other recipes with caustic soda, not me!


  1. Hi Judy! Love that bonsai olive (well, the cat's cute too!). I'd love to have one. Where did you get it? We'll be moving over to Italy this summer (between Rome/Naples). I will take a class with you once we've settled in! Can't believe you've been blogging for two years and I've only now caught on? Diane (debp1 on slowtalk, Diane on expattalk).

  2. The bonsai Olive trees are quite popular and available all over Florence and tuscany.

    If they don't have any near where you are we can get you one here!

    I wasn't blogging regulary so didn't really post anywhere, but now am dedicating more time as my site is really full enough!

  3. Thanks Judy. I'll look around "my" little village once we arrive and see if anyone has any. 4 more weeks!

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