June 20, 2005

My olive

Originally uploaded by divinacucina.

My first Bonsai Olive....
which will be a full sized olive, although the tree is bonsai.

I will check to see how his progress is going compared to the olives in the orchard near by.


  1. Yet, getting bonsai-sized olives that you can eat whoole, not having to bother to spit the seed because it's so small that it will not cause any problem, would be great. Now that I think of it: taggiasche could be considered bonsai olives, but their seeds are so big when compared to their size... [Alice Twain]

  2. That would be great! But yes the seeds always to be most of the olive.

    I adore the salt cured olives and will post my recipes when the season is upon us.
    When I spoke this year at IACP in DAllas, I presented a panel on olivesm and served a Green and Black olive jam, inspired by a Turkish recipe. Was nice, with lemon, but the enxt time I make it, will add some sweet and sour and spicy!
    Is great with cheeses and roast meats.