June 12, 2005

Wine with Friends

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Life is too short to drink bad wine!
Last week when we stopped by the Casa del Vino to buy wine for class,my friend Giacomo was there and introduced us to Baron Marco Ricasoli Firidolfi, his family created CHIANTI..
who better to advise us! Needless to say we drank well that day, Geremia 1997!

Gianni is my wine guru! After we finish shopping the market, we stop by, for a little prosecco and a snack while Gianni pairs the wines to our menu!

Tough job, he is always so right! This is my way of learning.

We made Dario's Arrosto Fiorentino, and it was a perfect pairing. Try it!

It is a fabulous recipe for summer, a short cooking time in a very hot oven and then serve the meat in the infused oil! A great recipe for the eye of round which is usually a tough peice of meat used only for braising, the quick high heat barely cooks the meat , making a tender roast beef.

Over cooking will make this togh, so leave the meat nice and rosy on the inside.

If some of your friends like meat well done, reheat the slices, and don't ruin the rest ot the meat for the others!


  1. Diva,

    I enjoy your blog immensely! I'm living vicarously through you.. Hoping to take a class of yours in October!


  2. p.s. Are your friends at Casa del Vino Gianni Marco and Giacomo married? (smile)!

  3. Before I moved to Florence in 1984 from San Francisco, my roommate had just come back from living a year in Rome.
    Her words to me where:
    Italy is like a candystore, you can have who you want so pick carefully!

    No kidding, two of my clients have found husbands!