August 9, 2005

Granita di Caffe

Summer in Italy wouldn't be summer without Granita!
Besides fruit flavors,such as watermelon, as I mentioned before, or lemon, made with lemons from Sicily or the Amalfi coast, coffee granita is one of my favorites.
I am very lucky as I can get it here in Florence at my Sicilian gelateria Carabe owned by Antonio and Loredana who as truly passionate about what they do!
Last week it was a tough choice, between cactus fruit ( prickly pears, called fico d'india),fresh fig or pear sorbet!

I adore Granita di caffe, talk about ice coffee!

You can always get it with or without whipped cream, but get it with!
This is a Sicilian Breakfast of Champions!
I haven't been to Sicily yet, but Antonio has given me a warm brioche, made by his brother-in-law and taught me the trick to eating it!
Think of it as a cold cappuccino!

In Rome there is a coffee shop, Tazza d'Oro, which is famous for their own brand of coffee which you can see them roasting there and buy in the back of the bar!
What better place to try a coffee granita!

If you can't get to Florence or Rome this summer.. here is the recipe to try it yourself.

2 cups water
1 cup sugar

Boil together to make a simple syrup.

1 cup of expresso or a double shot!!!


Follow the recipe I gave for the watermelon granita.
It should not be frozen solid, but an icy drink


  1. Hey, a different way! I make superstrong espresso, add lots of sugar while hot, then allow to cool. I put it in my little Donvier, crank QB for +- 12 minutes, et voila!
    I do not use sugar in hot coffee, ever, but I do in granita. Granita di caffe was one of my fist great Italian discoveries in 1973. These days a lot of places serve coffee syrup over shaved ice. A pallid substitute and I won't pay for it.

  2. I also am a purist.. love straight shots as granita!
    My local bar is now making ILLY caffe Granita..lovely!

  3. Why is that Illy is so much better? Why is it so much more pricey?
    Think on it.