August 3, 2005

Summer Playtime!

I have been emailing with David about carmel corn. I loved Fiddle Faddle and Screaming Yellow Zonkers and this winter was making some to put in my selection of goodies I give to my vendors at the Central Market.

He wrote the funniest adventure about the 7 times he made the recipe to get it how he wanted it,in the summer heat in Paris. True Passion and precision!

I am lucky as the heat wave has disappeared and I have a hot air popcorn maker and it turned out the first time!
The best recipe I found was at the Top Secret Recipe site. They have both versions!

Living abroad for so long, you lose most cravings, but some stay.
A bagel..
Peanut Butter
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
And candied corn!

So here is what mine looks like. I made mine with roasted almonds
My Florentine husband has almost eaten it all, and loved it!
Glad I got the foto first!

David was saying that his wasn't shiney, I wonder if it is the corn syrup?
Everytime I go home it is one of the things I always bring back since it is impossible to find in Florence at any price!

This recipe came out crispy, shiny and perfect! Actaully almost tastes like Cracker Jacks!
Where's the prize?


  1. All I can say is, I hope you have a good dentist in Florence! I had to stop after 7 batches for fear of French dentists!

    I used cassonade sugar, which is true brown sugar and may have impurities (it's utterly delicious unrefined brown sugar...) which may have cause the crystallization.

    BTW: I had margaritas last week (3, to be exact, in one night) and I woke up the next day remembering why I don't drink margaritas any more. The smart ones at the party, the Europeans, they all stopped after one margarita...and switched to red wine!


  2. Sorry David.. but the first time was a charm!
    and I have someone to help me eat it!