September 23, 2005

Going whole Hog in Calabria

The Dodaro's Giuseppe and his daughter Francesca, went whole hog and the peperoncino festival. Their family stand, all pork products , with chili were fabulous.

Giuseppe has spent time in Toronto, and was thrilled to speak English with me.
I adored the 'Nduja, called a spicy salami, but when researching how to make it, found out it is really lard... with chili, aged and then lightly smoked, no wonder I love it! The pancetta and prosciutto's were also fabulous. But what do excpect, when they put their name on it, it is a guarantee!

I hope that it will soon be possible to get these products all over the world.

The 'Nduja is fabulous just on bread.. I LOVE HOT... more traditionally used to spice up a pasta sauce. We had a handmade pasta, fusilli calabrese with "nduja stirred in off the heat, which melted it and gave the pasta a rich heat!

Francesca wrote her thesis on Sua Maesta il Maiale, which I bought. It is only available in Italian, but a fabulous testimony to the traditions in Calabria ( and I am sure other parts of ITaly) of curing pork.

If you would like a copy, write to her through their website!


  1. 'nduja... Mmmh! I only had it once, and since then I have been dreaing of putting a bit o it on top of a vegetable soup. Or using it to make the starting soffritto for a vegetable soup!

  2. I was just reading about the spiciness of the food in the region - I have to say it all sounds delicious? It's a long shot, but do you know of any shops in London that specialise in Calabria delicacies? I'd love to try Nduja!