September 20, 2005

Recipes--- From my house to yours!

This is where I will put links to recipes on the blog to make them easier to find!

Watermelon Granita
Death By chocolate: Salame dolce, Vestri's hot chocolate, Chocolate Orange Vodka, Wild Boar in Dolce Forte ( sweet and sour stew)

Anchovy me

Fake fish
Fennel Pollen Pork with Grape "pearls"
Oven Roasted Apricots
and farther down on the same page.
Leo's artichoke frittata
Wild Boar Stew with chocolate and Chili, a Tuscan Mole


  1. Regarding the fake fish: I have once seen a fake fish shaped like an octopus. The "ventose" on the legs were stapmed with the back of a Bic pen, without the small round cap that seals it.

  2. I want a foto!!!

    I have done mermaids.. but the octopus sounds perfect!

  3. Sory, I haven't it I just read about this fake octopus. But for someone that does not have two left hands like me it should not be to hard to model it. Me...? I stick to make a square brick of the mixture using a plumcake mould and that's it 8-(

  4. savorybaker10:51 PM

    apricot halves baked with a little sugar,nutmeg, and butter taste great. Toss them in a tart shell,
    bake them, and when it's still warm from the oven, brush melted apricot jam on top. MMMmmmm....warm, glossy, and very tasty. Serve it with vanilla ice cream and this dessert will be a favorite. It's one of mine.

  5. Thanks for the links! Love your blog!

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