September 25, 2005

Rufina Wine Festival

The last of the wine festivals in September is the Bacco festival in Rufina.
We were on our way home from our friends Beatrice and Adriano's wedding in Castagno d' Andrea in the hills above Rufina and had to stop on our way back to Florence to let the wine cart pass by!

All the cars pulled over, the whole costumed parade from Calcio in Costume was also here, they have a blessing of the wine in Florence too with the cart.

The cart is stacked high with the classic fiaschi of Chianti Rufina. It was known as Chianti Putto, having a tiny angel instead of the Gallo Nero ( black Rooster) that Florence-Siena Chianti has.
My Florentine husbnad says that for Florentines, the Chianti from Rufina was always used as the tabel wine for everyday use and that Rufina was not abbandoned as Chianti was after the war, so wine was more available.

Today the cows just were't going to work!
Someone said the farmer had picked mismatched cows..and they were fighting instead of pulling.. so they unhooked them and the emergency tractor was brought in to pull the cart... smart cows!


  1. Anonymous6:41 PM

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  2. Hi
    First time commenting here. You have such a nice blog. I love your photos, and these photos of the wine cart are great! So many bottles!

  3. I think my husbnad told me this morning there are 1,390 bottles here!!

    Fotography was my first love in school... so am having a blast with the blog!

    I am using a simple digital.. Kodak!
    I dream of a SLR... digital..

  4. Anonymous8:29 PM

    I love all those bottles, I'm sure you weren't far behind!

    xx david

  5. Judy, Judy, Judy! Those aren't cows! Look really well. Do you see a place for milk to come out? (Cows have faucets.) They are oxen. Lovely.

  6. Actually I looked at one of them..and was suprised it was a female.. so maybe that was their problem, that there was a male and female and they couldn't decide who was leading...

  7. 1,300 Bottles on the cart!!!

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