October 25, 2005

Friends Food and Fun in Florence..

A great group of friends got together for a week in Florence at Divina Cucina.

Todays market inspired us to make stuffed zucchini blossoms, with a fresh goat cheese ricotta, from Baroni Alimentari

fried artichokes, fresh pasta with white truffles and fabulous french butter.

The White Truffle from Conti, was 20 grams, 60 euro and we just heated some butter warmed the truffles in the butter and then tossed in the fresh fettucine with freshly grated 4 year old parmesan, from my friend Bonat from Parma,I can also buy this at Baroni!

I quess you can tell I basically live between the Conti and Baroni stands!

Our main course was Veal scallopine with an herbed cream sauce with 25 year old balsamic vinegar with sweet and sour shallots, and for dessert, a light limoncello mascarpone mousse with raspberries and incredible strawberries ( in October?)

We drank a 1999 Cevaro white wine that glistened gold!!!!

Not bad for the first day of class!


  1. What - was - that - box - of - Pavesini - cookies? =8-o

  2. And, oh! My granny has a green potted insalatiera just like yours. Maybe a little lighter green color, but just like the flatter of the two in the first pic.

  3. The pavesini are to use as spoons to eat our limoncello mascarpone mousse!!!

  4. Everything you described sounds absolutely delicious. I've only been to Florence once. I must go there again.

  5. hope to see you soon!
    Florence is really Fabulous!

  6. Anonymous2:25 AM

    That's my mother-in-law in the orange in the top group photo. She's trying to talk us into going with her next year! It looks and sounds fabulous!

  7. we had the most perfect week.. will be hard to follow!

  8. I was in Italy briefly years ago and the food still makes me smile.

    I've traveled alot and not very many places had this affect on me.