October 16, 2005

The Great Masters of Chocolate

They say if you want to play a better game of tennis, play against someone better than yourself.
I believe the same goes for food. Eating out a a wonderful restaurant is inspiring, taking a class on a new cuisine gives me a new boost, watching how someone else teaches makes me a better teacher.
New techniques and tricks for whatever we do makes us better.

This week I conducted a trip for professionals to see the great masters of chocolate at work! Tuscany's chocolate makers on the whole are artisans, small production and very creative. I had taken the Ecole Chocolat class online, been a pastry chef in a past life and have made chocolate, so was prepared.

We tasted.. watched... and learned new tricks!
Paul De Bondt, Roberto Catanari, Vestri Family, Slitti family as well as Perugina's new school where we did a wine and chocolate pairing.

Our group was great too, sharing information and their personal experiences in the Chocolate world.
To me Food should be a giving thing, often it is not.

It was a true pleasure to see how passionate these masters of chocolate were about their art..and how giving!

True Masters fear noone!
A full fabulous week.. bring on the potatoes with salt!


  1. Thanks for the photos....but how about a few samples??

  2. Come on by.. the house is full!!!

  3. Sounds like fun for all!

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  5. Chocolate lobster! Har har.
    I know you posted those photos to prove your excuse for leaving us so long, but how about some discourse on doing chocolatey things for rank amateurs?

  6. Isn't that wild how they set up spam responses.. think I will leave this one online..

    Since Judith's Chocolate Lobster got my attention!

    I am going to publish my wild boar stew with chocolate, chili and prunes... for David's Prune Thursday..anyone else?

    Will also do some chocolate recipes, but many recipes of what we did require Tempered Chocolate. which takes time to explain!

    I really enjoyed my online school with ecole Chocolat...where I learned all the techy stuff!frzbty

  7. Since I am from Maine and was often chased across the kitchen floor by our upcoming lunch, I was amused.
    I recently got a comment claiming mine was the best blog on unpaid debts. Huh? Then there was the silicon bracelet one.... yeah.
    Anyway, since I eat prunes stewed and plain, I can't contribute to David's Prune Thursday. Now if he has a Plum Crazy Tuesday he's on.
    I just need to buy a long, flexible knife and then I can temper, but I never did gigure out when helping my friend's mom to make chocolate where the glycerin came in. So I just make truffles. I was thinking of buying his book, but I know I will be dangerous if I have it. I've already got the local chief psychiatrist making ganache constantly and putting it on everything.