October 22, 2005

not prunes

Here's what's in the market today!

lunch anyone?

these are fresh white truffles from San Miniato, Tuscany also has tons of white truffles, as well as Alba!

By christmas, these will go to about 350 an etto, which is 100 grams, about 3 ounces!


  1. So, did you buy some? If so what will you make with them?


  2. One half of my neighbors are truffle hunters-- I buy wholesale. They deliver however many grams I can afford to my door.
    The first weekend in November is our truffle fair, where the year's price gets set. (They don't offer free samples except of prepared products that you can buy.) Best buy before the fair, cuz the price can soar depending on the numbers being found, like last year.
    They usually display the largest white truffle found so far in a bulletproof glass case. One year it was worth almost a million bucks.
    The whole town smells of truffles, which can be a good thing or bad, depending on how you feel about used athletic supporters and the gym socks of teenage basketball players. I happen to like that odor, I guess, but it drives my cats just wild.

  3. Is the festival just the first weekend?
    I am coming down to Umbria with my mom after the 20th I think!

  4. TRUFFLES!!!!! Thanks for posting about this!! Sure don't look very white, do they? ^_- So did you buy any? What will you make? I have a ton of white truffle oil, but thats as close as I can get to truffles in California.

  5. They are covered in dirt, which is also 200 euro and etto!
    when you get home, you have a special brush to clean them with, but they are not white.. rather a brown, but in Italian White sauce is the absence of tomato.. so white truffles are the absence of black!

    I think they have more aroma than flavor.. but each of us has a different sense of taste and smell.

    For many they smell like garlic.. or gym socks!
    Go figure!

  6. I bought black the other day,, to have with porcini mushroom crostini..
    Today I will buy white.
    I like them best on pasta with butter or with eggs.

    or raw on raw beef!

  7. I never cook the white ones, Judy. I was also told never to use garlic with truffles or you can lose the aroma. What think you?
    The truffle that my friend Jane is threatening in my album was shaved over a turkey breast that was roasted wrapped in fresh herbs, then sliced and drizzled with it's juices liberated from the pan with dry prosecco. It was too much even for 10 people, so it later on got used for bruschetta (not scraped with garlic,) scrambled eggs and pasta. It was 63 g and cost euro 63 from my neighbor. The next year they were three times as expensive, didn't eat them once except at a restaurant on pasta.
    For black ones, my favorite thing is to shave them and place under the skin of a good free-range chicken and roast it.

  8. Great price!
    I think that often truffles smell like garlic to some people.
    I NEVER use any other flavors with truffles.. only butter.

    I love truffles sausages and pecorino.. more than truffles alone.

    I also think that letting them infuse is the secret to enjoying them more.

  9. Can you believe we are chatting about how to use up truffles? White truffles. I love this country!
    (I tried my truffle slicer on radishes, but ya know, that was stupid.)

  10. OOOO I love your site! It is my dream to live in Italy one day. Is the moving process hard?

    Anyway, maybe you can help me out. On my food blog, Messy Cucina, I wrote a post about Panini and the large indoor market Daryn and I stumbled upon in Firenze. I can't remember what it was called!! It wasn't too far from the large outdoor shopping area with the coats and purses and jewelry, etc. ??

  11. The market,,, right outisde my window is called San Lorenzo... or Mercato Centrale.

    It is lovated near the Church of San Lorenzo and the Medici Chapel.

    Hard to see from among all the stands outside, from the back parking lot side there is Trattoria ZaZa and Mario's aspoint of reference.

  12. Thank you-- I will have to reference my map when I get home.