October 24, 2005

Truffles.. not chocolate!

After a week of chocolate I am glad to be back to the Central Market and savory food!

When we talk about Truffles here... they are black or white..and not chocolate!
Both are in season now.

We bought one of the black truffles for class the other day at the Gastronomia Perini and just simply grated in on top of a porcini mushroom sauce.

The mushrooms were sauteed in garlic and mint, slowly cooked in olive oil with a pinch of salt, a splash of white wine and then pureed.

We used my microplaner to grate them into the puree and served them on warm toasts.
What could be easier!

I think the black truffle cost about 25 Euro.
I bought it from Claudio Perini at the Perini Alimentari at the Central Market in Florence.


  1. Amazingly decadent. So can you describe the taste of the black variety versus the white?

  2. No one has ever succeeded in describing it to my satisfaction.
    There are, however, white truffles in Oregon, and I hear that they are good, if different.