December 27, 2005

Moved by Mothia

As much as Palermo perturbed me, Mothia ( or Mothya) soothed me.

Arriving on a calm day, off season, we were they only visitors to this sacred spot for salt lovers.

The windmills were still, and the salt laid to rest for the winter under brick roof tiles.

The salt making process begins in May when the sun and wind begin to work with the help of man, turn into diamond-like crystals.

The picture below is from the Mothia website, showing the process involved in this ancient tradition.

The via del Sale, salt road led us from Marsala up to Trapani.

I can't wait to return in late spring to witness this act of love!
Because people working with such passion, provide such positive energy, we all need to recharge our batteries and what better place.

Here in Florence, where in the old days, a salt tax was placed by the government in Pisa, the salt was only for the wealthy.
To this day, bread in Tuscany is made without salt, and the food is heavily salted.

I have learned that not all salt is alike, and have quite a salt collection.
Of course from Mothia, but also from Puglia, Croazia, France and now Pink Crystals from the Himalayan mountains!

I highly encourage you to taste what you are using, and spend a little more for some of your basic pantry items and you will be pleasantly surprised!

I once did a salt tasting with Barbara Tropp, when she did a class in Venice at the Cipriani, which changed my life!

Try a good salt on a simply grilled piece of fish or meat..with some great oil, a little lemon...

Spend more time shopping than cooking.. it's all about the ingredients!
Keep it simple.

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