December 31, 2005

New Year.. New Dreams

We didn't have a White Christmas, but we are having a White New Year's!

Florence was dusted with a blanket of snow, enough to stop quite a bit of traffic and leave many people on foot. Truly a Silent Night!

Looking out the window onto the Central Market was like a scene from a dream..and the snow prevented the open air market from opening. There was no way the stalls could be pulled out with the ice and snow.

We had to wait to drive back home to Certaldo, as we could not be sure to reach home if the roads were closed due to snow and ice.

Leaving Florence during the day, with the light of day was a better idea as the countryside was hit much heavier than Florence was with the snow.

New Year's is the time for resolutions.. plans and dreaming..
I wish that all your dreams come true!

Set your goals and drive staight ahead, don't stop!

Auguri per 2006


  1. Happy New Year and Bonne Année!. We love the Divina Cucina and look forward to reading more of your culinary adventures in Italy. Thanks for all the wonderful tales and stories....they're the next best thing to being there with you!

  2. Hello Judy,

    Florence looks great in the snow....Jan and I have been great since we got back and your recipes have kept friends and family well fed.

    Warm regards,

    Tonyu R.

  3. looks great , but doesn't function very well!
    Luckily it left after a day or so!
    we were stuck in town due to the ice on the roads!

    when it snowed in 1985... they had a huge freeze and lost tons of olive trees, the full production is just back!

    Thanks for the note.
    Enjoy the recipes..cold weather is a great time to cook!