December 6, 2005

Winter's Slow Soup

Winter has hit Florence full force, reminding us all that it was in November of 1966 that the Arno River flooded the city, bringing it to it's knee's and the wonderful support from the Mud Angels, young students.. and not.. from all over the world who ran to the rescue.

My husband who was 11 at the time, remembers how wonderful Florence was without traffic, the silence. Searching through the mud for treasures.

As we sit today in the on and off again storms, a great bowl of Minestrone hits the spot! Hoping that the melting snow and the ongoing storms don't bring on more floods!

We made my mother-in-law Tina Berchielli's Minestrone soup in class today, and the wonderful thing about minestrone, it that it has three lives.. the first as Minestrone, the second as bread soup and reboiling the soup, breaking down all the vegetables and cooking with bread give the most FLorentine of all Soups

The soup that keeps on giving.

Make a huge pot and invite over some friends ..
A loaf of bread a jug of wine...and Ribolitta


  1. Anonymous12:01 AM

    Whoops- your link to Ribollita doesn't work :(

    Can you repost, its my favorite!

    Erica Schmidt

  2. fixed.. thanks good catch.
    stop by my site for tons of recipe


  3. Anonymous1:25 AM

    Yes, cold and wet brings out the desire to make soup. With snow in the forcast I got out the crock pot and started lentil soup. 8 hours and 6 inches of snow later, dinner is ready and warm.

  4. Nicole & Bruce4:31 AM

    Tonight, in Tennessee, we cooked a small New Year's dinner and remembered our lovely day in class with you. Thank you again for your patience and our class!

  5. happy 2006!
    what did you make?