January 9, 2006

Blessing of the Pigs

San Antonio, from an affresco in Greve in Chianti, note the small cinta senese pig, black with white belt, at his feet. Gotta love the guy!

I am attending a blessing of the animals January 15th in Poggio a Caiano, outside of Florence.

Please join Diva and Kate as we celebrate the feast of San Antonio Abate, Patron Saint of Pigs and Butchers,for a Some Pig Blogging Weekend - Jan 14-15.

Follow our joint blog Celebrating the Pig!

A Virtual Blessing of the Barnyard will take place on Jan 17th when the posts and a few prizes are announced.

From our kitchen blogs to yours,

Kate Hill
and Judy Witts


  1. I've already made my pig fest. Can't wait to post!

  2. can't wait.. pass on the invite to others too!
    I am dreaming of all the recipes I want to make.. but one at a time.. I am going to stick to Italian.. and my Friday's with Fergus.