January 6, 2006

Buona Befana

Today is when good girls and boys get a visit from the Befana.
More like a kitchen witch then Santa, she came following the Re Magi, bringing gifts for the children. Today being the epiphany, she arrives... filling the hung stockings with candies and treats if you are good, and coal if you are bad!
Of course in Italy, the coal, carbone, is also sweet, being made of sugar!

It is a legal holiday in Italy and this year created a long weekend.

Perfect for cooking.
I have a peposa slow stewing stovetop, and am brining pork belly for my Friday with Fergus on the Going Whole Hog Blog, so since everything is closed... I also am roasting 2 pork shanks for dinner tonight and making a Casietello, a Naples Pork bread.

Going to far???? no going whole hog!

Buona Befana...

the befana always pictured as a ugly old witch-like woman... and the big joke here is to wish all the women a happy celebration!!!

I love being a Befana!!!


  1. Buona Befana to you as well!

    Here in Canada we always keep our Christmas decorations up until after the arrival of the Befana ... just because the 25th is over it doesn't mean the Christmas season has ended.

    Alas today the decorations have all come down at last and we truly embark on 2006. All the best to you!

    That Neopolitan bread sounds wonderful!

  2. same here.. the decorations come down for the Befana..and the SALES START!

    Italy has sales twice a year, now..and in Summer.
    So I am off to Florence in the am to chek it out.. will probably go hit the outlets too.
    A pair of black prada shoes is calling my name!

    I will pout the Napoletano bread recipe online soon.