January 13, 2006

Winter Shopping

While shopping for my Pumpkin soup for my Friday with Fergus I couldn't resist the winter veggies calling my name!

A woman doesn't live by pork alone!

We are getting ready for our Big Pork Blogging Weekend, have you sent us a recipe?

I adore salads in the winter, and the fresh puntarelli, from the chicory plant are fabulous. Cut the fat little chubby stems into thin slices, keep in cold water while making the traditional dressing of extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and a couple of crushed anchovies, much like a light Ceaser dressing!

The darker outer leaves of the Cicoria, are twice cooked like chard, first boiled in salt water, then chopped and sauteed with garlic, olive oil and I like a little chili pepper for a kick.

The fresh radishes, and their leaves will be a salad on their own, the lovely leaves tossed in oil and the radishes slice thinly. Some of the radishes will be eaten in Pinzimono, Tuscany's celebrationof the new oil and winter's wonderful vegetables.
RAw artichokes trimmed to their tender leaves, thinly sliced fennel, celery, carrots and the radishes.

We will create a seasoned dipping oil, using the new oil, which is very reminicent of raw artichoke flavor and peppery, with only the addition of some fabulous sea salt we just brought back from Sicily.

A loaf of bread from the local wood buring oven, Chianti... and thou!


  1. Your phots are so fresh looking. We've been eatign a lot of artichokes at the moment too. This Tuesday my fiance made me a grilled satuffed artichoke with garlic, breadcrumbs and roma tomatos. Heavenly. I have no pork recipe to contribute but I eagerly anticipate what recipes you do recieve.

  2. we also picked up some artichokes yesteday to eat raw!!! one of my favorite ways of celebrating the artichoke season!

    I think the really good oil tastes like the raw chokes..
    we also do a wonderful artichoke carpaccio.. I will make one tomorrow and take a foto!

  3. Sono molto gelosa! (Can't wait to read about the pig blogging weekend!)