March 14, 2006

Salumi in Seattle

Pino, my new best friend!

I left Florence... while they were closing the Central Market for cleaning...and am now in America. Always somewhat of a culture shock for me,but also insights.

I taught at Ramekins in Sonoma, four fabulous classes, all sold out, meeting old friends and students as well as some new Italophiles.

Up to Seattle for the IACPconvention where I presented a panel on artisan pork with Kate Hill and Fergus Henderson, which inspired our blog Going Whole Hog.

How could our week not begin but with a meal at Salumi with Armandino, Mario Batali's dad

Yesterday I discovered another of Seattles finest salumi makers, hidden away as all good treasures are.

Pino is my new best friend in Seattle!

Da Pino
4225 Ranier Ave So
206/356 8502

Sunday will be a wonderful ending to the food frenzy.I am dining at the Herb Farm,a four hour orchestrated meal inspired by Seattle's seasons and regional specialities.

A soothing way to end the week and then back to Florence where I can catch up!


  1. Welcome to Seattle! I hope you enjoyed it - it's my hometown, after all! If you're still here, try eating dinner at Osteria La Spiga... Pietro, the owner, is just so sweet, and the food - amazing.

  2. Thanks.. but I am back in Italy..
    had a fabulous meal at the HerbFarm!!!

    Italian is not at the top of my list when travelling!

    Funny how we passed in the air I am sure!

  3. Judy - I just spoke to Pino. I will see him next week in Seattle.

    Thanks for the hook up!