March 9, 2006

Signs of the times.. the other side of Women's day!

Went grocery shopping yesteday..and these were the posters for March 8th.

At the Coop Grocery store, (owned by the left wing communist party) the poster celebrated woman getting the right to vote 60 years ago in Italy.

I am proud to have 60 years.... of voting!

Outside on the wall near the shops.. the disco party strip shows for the women.

CELEBRATE.. and fight for your rights and those that need defending too!


  1. Hey! I thought I owned the Coop! I gave them ten bucks!
    They keep saying "Il Coop sei tu" so I thought it was me. They are currently driving me crazy, tho.

  2. Me too! I own it too. 8-D

  3. I just found your website and your blog and it brought back a lot of memories for me! i lived in florence for a while (a few steps away from Cibreo). I have enjoyed getting some of your recipes and your insights. I'm returning to Florence for Christmas this year and this has been fuel for the fire.
    I also shopped at the COOP! I loved food shopping in Italy.
    thank for the warm feelings your sites brought to me.

  4. Reagan..
    enjoy! Have a fabulous trip in December, if you are lucky you can buy new oil then.... have you been to the Teatro del Sale, Cibreo's new place???

  5. diva,
    it was being built when i lived there and was open only a couple of months when i moved. I don't know the owners (recognize them by sight), but there office was underneath my apartment. I was a nanny for a family who lived there and I am pretty sure they know the owners because they would tell me about the teatro and what it was like.

  6. I just discovered your site, too! How wonderful -- can't wait to explore more. I've taken a few of Joanne Weir's classes and had been considering one of her excurions to Italy. I've loved every trip and can't imagine Italy and cooking at the same time. You're living my dream! you have a cooking school?

  7. Janice, thanks for your note.
    I do teach in Florence, where I have been living for over 22 years now!
    Actually I know Joanne and have worked with her planning some of her tours in Italy over the years.
    Stop by my site to see about my programs here in Florence.

  8. That sounds so wonderful...and after checking out the site, I will definitely keep stopping back by. This year is already committed for me, but 2007 isn't that far away. Looking forward to chatting more --