July 1, 2006

I scream!

When the heat comes in we all head for gelato.
Although in Italy, we really don't need an excuse.

I have several favorites I have written about on my site, but today I wanted to mention a shop that hits my heart hard.

Not just because Leonardo Vestri is easy on the eyes, total eye candy as well as being a fabulous person and artisan with his family.

Leonardo Vestri, yummy!

but because his chocolates are fabulous and in the summer when the production of chocolate stops, his ice cream brings me to tears!

Chocolate and chili is one of my favorites.
Stop by .. Vestri's is a shop for all seasons.

Borgo Albizi, 11r
Tel: 055-234-0374


  1. I would scream too if he served me gelato. Glad to know he's not just another pretty face in the Divina Cucina stable of men!

  2. this, actually, was one of my favorite places! it seems like i just walked by it and it was suddenly there. the best chocolate gelato in the summer and the best hot chocolate in the winter....lovely.

  3. I first found your site last summer when I was living in Florence and was amazed after trying Vestri's gelato and chocolates. My favorite cono has to be pistachio with hazelnut. I've since been back twice--in April and again in May and have passed on the recommendations to 3 other groups who are headed your way! You're right, Leonardo is delightful; just looking at this photo leaves me wishing for another visit. My sister and her husband have reservations at Enoteca Pinchiorri in September... I'd be happy to come along just to get a little bag of Vestri's coffee bean chocolates to nibble on the sidewalk.

  4. I know what you mean!
    I adore his chocolate covered candied orange slices too!