August 5, 2006


I adore Moreno Cedroni if you are anywhere near Senigallia in Le Marche.. go to his restaurant The Madonnina del Pescatore.

Then for lighter tastes and fun try Aniko'
located in town, his Susci bar.. not Sushi, japanese style but more like cured fish in fun ways and the Foam expresso!

I was so happy to eat at both his places that the third Clandestino was also calling me!

Sometimes there just isn't enough time... so it had to wait till this year.
I really wanted to got for dinner so we were going to hold off till the trip back up from Puglia and to start heading down.

This trip was to see new things so we decided to visit the Conero Park which I had heard was spectacular.
Following a sense of the coast and wanting to see the sea as soon as possible we ended up at Portonuovo and CLANDESTINO!

a wonderful little cove with stone beach ( not my favorite , I am a sand girl!)
the lovely beach shack...

We got there just a little before lunch time so the restaurant wasn't really opened yet, but Moreno's TINS were available.

He has created cans of gourmet fish products, we ordered two, the Monkfish liver and the Octopus and potato. The lovely waitress suggested wonderful wines by the glass to accompany our choices.

By the time we had finished, the chef was there and we could have dessert!

Chocolate mousse with orange infused olive oil and Maldon sea salt with Grissini... YES

Moreno's father-in-law actually crusjes mandarin oranges with the olives to make this fabulous oil! INCREDIBLE!
and Cappuccino mousse.

Thank you Moreno! For sharing your little bit of paradise!

(As we were getting ready to leave, Moreno and his wife and daughter arrived to enjoy their cove!)
Moreno has just released a new book ( in Italian) on his 20 years....

Località Portonuovo
Closed Tuesday
Closed in October for the season ( open for New Years)
Tel. 071 801422


  1. As the daughter of a Marchegiano ... I'll keep your recommendation in mind next time I visit!

  2. Love Le Marche...
    very serene... we did some driving around, stayed in San Leo, enjoyed CASCIONE, a piadina filled and grilled, like a quesadilla, or piadina.. mine had a fabulous pumpkun filling.

    Sant'Agata and their aged pecorino... I could go on!!!

  3. I have to say that those cans of tuna don't really convince me.

    Cute idea but 8 bucks for a can of tuna?

  4. We had monks fish liver, which is hard to get.

    I think as a novelty item it is great.. not for every day and most of the products are not just tuna.

    But GOOD tuna costs!