August 15, 2006

Don't Bogart those herbs... my friend

Recently David Lebovitz
wrote a cute entry on his blog which had me laughing again remembering our day together.

It is funny that erbe... herbs.. in Italian is slang for yeah.. that stuff.
I found a cute jar in Siena, that I keep my oregano in, that says Maryjuana.

Everyone has their own blend, I call them Erbe Toscane
and this is the basic recipe, which then we dry and can save.

When I have fresh rosemary and sage I usually make Dario's roast beef, perfect for summer to serve room temp for a party!
When I don't have access to the fresh herbs, I can use the dried herbs to make an infused oil which I like to add the chili pepper flakes to for a kick!

Go out to your garden or your neighbors garden and start chopping!
Great for Xmas presents.

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  1. Can't wait to come back and do some more serious chopping! And Watermelon-Chile gelatine?