August 19, 2006

Seasonal Update

July was killer heat and the hills show it.
August cooled off and little or no rain here in Chianti.

The grapes are small, it will be interesting to see if little water raised the sugar content and hence a fabulous year for small but high quality production.

The fear factor with the weather like this is always hail near harvest time which can ruin the crops.

The other day we took an unknown road near us, a favorite passtime, getting lost on purpose

and ended up near a castle with a fabulous view of the " Crete Senese" the soil the color that inspired Crayola!

In our garden this year.. we were gifted by a little bird with a zucchini plant. It is slowly taking over the garden.

Since I have been down and out with a bad back, I haven't bent over yet to harvest fo zucchini blossoms to fry, but am feeling better so watch out!

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  1. Fried Zucchini flowers. Now that is something I have missed this summer!