September 24, 2006

Tis the Season...

As soon as Fall comes in the door, a sense of peace and happiness fill my food soul!

The market begins to fill with the Fall food lover favorites , porcini and also, as if my magic, the second spring.. artichokes, zucchini blossoms and figs, which all gift us twice a year!

In the countryside, the leaves are finally starting to turn and the vendemmia, wine harvest, has begun. August's cool nights and September's heat followed by rain have created an incredible harvest.
If they are able to finish before rain or hail storms hit.. watch for the 2006 vintage to be a great one!

Our own zucchini plant has taken over the garden, producing incredible numbers of flowers, but luckily very few zucchini.

The days are still warm, but cooler evenings bring on the desire for slow cooking.

Slow Food's Salone di Gusto in Torino is on my fall calendar at the end of October.

But before Slow Food, I will be gone for a week of total CHOCOLATE DECADENCE, touring the master chocolate producers with a group of professionals. This year's tour we are also adding on a day trip to Genova to Domori and ending in Perugia at the Eurochocolate festival. Way too much chocolate, is there such a thing?

Life is tough in Paradise, but someone has to do it!


  1. oh poor you, meeting master chocolate makers! :-)

  2. The tour sounds incredible. The latest I've ever been in Italy is early September so I'd love to be there in full Autumn.


  3. Chocolate has no seasons!
    I am off to Torino to explore the chocolates there too on my own after Slow Food.

  4. Please take a big whiff of the chocolate for me.

  5. Lucy. YOU have Bernachon!!!
    and with the rainy day... I wish I was having your soup!

  6. Judy, Our Slow Food Convivium can't wait to see you in Florence and Turino! we are looking forward to a fantastic trip!
    See you October 26!
    Jasper In Kansas City, Missouri (USA)

  7. Jasper... counting the days!!!

  8. Seeing the Porcini (actually I have been thinking about it since you first posted a couple of days ago), they were not available on my most recent trip, I think I will have to do some recipes with Porcini (our passion).

    BTW, When I wrote about Torino I listed some chocolate shops you may want to check out while there.