December 27, 2006

dreams of sugar plums.....

Pre-Christmas, we head out to get some Christmas cheer somewhere else!
Last year was Palermo, this year Brussels.

Home to lace, chocolate, waffles, Belgium endive, Brussel sprouts?

I am still on chocolate overload from my tour in October, but this was chocolate lover's heaven. My favorite was Piero Marcolini, looking more like Tiffany's than a chocolate shop! And he is also eye candy!!!

I stayed away from chocolate, but caved in to my weakness for caramels!
We went through one box while we were there and had to go back from another to bring back to Florence. The caramels are flavored with pineapple, passion fruit, ginger and chocolate!

We also picked up a bar of Venezulan chocolate with carmelized pecans crushed in it.

The city itself was all dressed up, fabulous street festival that went on and on. Over 240 stands.

The streets smelled of mulled wine, chocolate and the brisk cold made my eyes freeze!!!!

Stand with creche figures, gift items and food, food, food!

The architecture was fabulous, the Grand Place ( pictured below) was the center of the festivities. Over 240 stands, ice rink, light shows, ferris wheels and fun extended all over the town from the Grand Place to the Place Saint Catherine.

The streets were packed at night. We enjoyed eating at one of the fish markets turned restaurant, a stand set-up in the front of the shop, grilled calamari with prawns and a glass of white wine. 10 Euro enough for both of us to share! The menu also had 2 kinds of fish soup and snails, the street snack of Brussels.

We love to see flea markets and went to two while we were there. The larger one held on Sunday at Sablon, both Saturday and Sunday. I found an old chocolate mold for 6 euro and was happy. Then off to Jeu du Bols, which was more of a free for all!
Stuff all over the huge piazza, we went during the week and it was a real mess, but Sunday it was nicer..and found more stuff!

Was so cold though kept having to stop for soup, or coffee to thaw out.
We really enjoyed the corner bar where we had the soups, lentil with cumin and zucchini.
I then noticed a specialiy,called a tarte. it was like a savory thin waffle, topped with fresh tomatoes, raw white onion, coriander, eaten folded like a pizza. FABULOUS.
the owner had several lebanese specialites too.
We would return. I love bar food!
They have their own site too, was like eating in a flea market!


  1. Hope you have a very sweet new year!

  2. Actually... I am craving SALT!!!