July 30, 2006

If you can't say anything nice....

Well, let's just say July wasn't very good!

Most people only want to hear about the good stuff, how fabulous it is to live in Italy.
Food , wine, great weather, etc.

Well sometimes reality strikes and it isn't pretty!

I started off by trying to cut back the arugula in my garden July 3rd, before I had coffee.
I heard my back pop and that was it!

Pain.. Pain.. Pain...
Ice, painpills, bed.

I had been planning to take July off to do a research and developent trip to Puglia for a class I want to do there. We were supposed to take off on the 9th.. no way!

So finally got to were I could sit and we decided to go for it, leaving on the 14th.

I hurt myself again in Puglia and the trip came to a close.

Emergency room for an xray, shots and rest!

I just finished the series of shots and tomorrow need to see if any doctors are left in my village that can put my back back together so I can walk!

Wish me luck!

I will then catch up with a couple of notes from my trip.... although I wasn't at my best!

The killer heatwave was also here and is finally breaking some.
So we were at least lucky to have been near the sea with a much lower temperature than Florence which also has a high humidty rate and no A/C!

July 1, 2006

I scream!

When the heat comes in we all head for gelato.
Although in Italy, we really don't need an excuse.

I have several favorites I have written about on my site, but today I wanted to mention a shop that hits my heart hard.

Not just because Leonardo Vestri is easy on the eyes, total eye candy as well as being a fabulous person and artisan with his family.

Leonardo Vestri, yummy!

but because his chocolates are fabulous and in the summer when the production of chocolate stops, his ice cream brings me to tears!

Chocolate and chili is one of my favorites.
Stop by .. Vestri's is a shop for all seasons.

Borgo Albizi, 11r
Tel: 055-234-0374