February 11, 2007

Florida moments

We really didn't see much of Florida... as we had our heads inside kitchens, but a few of the funny and beautiful things we did see.

It was fabulous to wake up and have a real breakfast... I miss that in Italy.

Although Expresso is better than coffee, there is something about gently sitting around a table and starting your day off with an american cup of coffee, toasted english muffin and fruit to put it all right in the world.
Of course it costs more tha a 4 course lunch in Florence.. but...

I adore Kitch and South Beach has some great Deco architecture and some real KITCH leftovers from another era!
Even the beach has a Mexican sort of hue to it.

The light was fantastic and although for the Floridians, it was a cold winter.. 70 degrees was lovely for those of us that came from Europe.

The flora and fauna in the Everglades was worth the trip.
Tropical flowers surrounding our rooms, waking up at the water in both Key Largo and Naples, made me even more determined to life by the water when I am older.

The airboat ride was the BEST!!!
Ever since a kid, watching Flipper, that is what Florida was to me.. zipping around the Everglades!

We had perfect weather and was a great stop on the ride from Key Largo to Naples. On the way back we did Alligator Alley.. much more boring!

I would have stopped for another ride!

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  1. I've always wanted to ride on one of those airboats! I used to call them electric fan boats as a kid hehe. It sounds like a fabulous time, and I love your photos! :)