February 26, 2007

More leftover's

I really do love the end of the week, clean-out-the-fridge meals.

This week we made a saffron-pumpkin risotto one day, buffalo mozzarella as an appetizer...
so the left-over's became....

Arancini di Riso

Sicilian fried rice balls, made with the left-over risotti stuffed with some mozzarella.

You add a beaten egg to the cold risotto and some grated parmesan cheese
Form into a ball and create a small hole to push the mozzarella in.
Close the rice ball around the mozzarella and roll in breadcumbs.
Let chill and then fry!

The rest of the pumpkin ( which is a very sweet squash, not halloween pumpkins, but more like the Kabosha.

Zucca Gialla Grigliata

Grilled Marinated Pumpkin

I removed the thick outside skin and then thinly sliced the pumpkin.
I like to grill the slices in a little olive oil then marinate with extra virgin olive oil, white wine vinegar , sliced garlic and mint. It is a trick I learned in Sicily.

It is easy to look at recipes and go shopping, for me the real challenge is to create with what I have extra and to not just eat leftover's.


  1. Love the site! I love making rice balls. I have an old recipe I have no idea where it came from. My recipe calls to add a small amount of tomato paste. Do you think this is necessary? It doesn't look like you add paste to yours.

  2. Mine is with left over saffron risotto, when I make it with ragu.. it has tomato.

    Usually I use leftovers.. so just stir some sauce in.. I love it with the wild boar or duck sauce.

    Benita, the Sicilian mamma at the Market makes hers with peas and meat sauce..and she puts tomato sauce in hers for color!

  3. Check what I ate last night for dinner: http://flickr.com/photos/realityfood/404475959/ (the photo sucks!).

  4. Oh. my. goodness. Does it get any better? Yuuuuuuum!

  5. I love arnacini. It is so fun to make them in many different styles! I have a recipe for them on my website as well. They do make a great meal from leftovers!

  6. Jen, thanks for stopping by!

    you have great sites!
    My brother jsut moved to belgium and is learning french so has started a blog too like your italian words of the week!

    Grazie mille!
    I am celebrating my 20th year here!