March 19, 2007

Organic Florence- Sunday Market- Good Kitchen Karma

The third Sunday of the month in Florence is the Fierucola in Piazza Santo Spirito, crossing over the arno... to the oltr'arno.... or as they say here Dilladarno.

This is a wonderful place to shop, picking up home-grown items such as honey, plants, herbs, pasta, cheese, wool items, soaps and whatever these creative people can produce on their farms. Most come from near Florence, having escaped the city rush for the peace of the countryside.

I see many of my Chianti friends here which saves me the drive out and is a one stop shopping for me:
herbs from Pierre

and from Duccio

What about products with hemp???

My friend Genny ( Gennaro) carries, pasta, chocolate, oil and nice purses. Feels like I am back in San Francisco!

Some frivolous stands such as vintage hats

I use these markets to source out new places to visit on my tours, products to suggest to my market boys to carry and all around good karma in the kitchen.

There is such a important link in connecting what we eat to how it is produced
and who produces it.

In America there are many small farm's now working together to preserve this tradition.
I recently found a fabulous source for beans in California Rancho Gordo
and when I wrote to him to complement him on his line of products, up coming book etc, we found out we had already met in Florence in the late 80's!

Support you local growers...

Kitchen Karma!

still life in Florence


  1. Can you send me a care package from your market??

  2. I Love these great faces! You are a whiz-kid with getting people to pose for you. Must be your wiley Americana ways. Almost makes me miss the 70's.

  3. The atmosphere of the Sunday market seems to be very lively. I always enjoy my virtual trip to the markets in other countries. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Whenever I travel the first place I want to go is the market.

    This november I am going to Shanghai and that will be my first stop!

  5. Anonymous6:58 PM

    Hi Diva--I love your blog! My mom is living in florence right now and would like to find organic produce and food--can you tell me if this market is still going on and where else she might shop--also anymore detailed info on how to locate this market? Thank you! Laurie

  6. Laurie- have your mom email me!
    santo spirito is a main square in Florence on the oltr'arno side.

    not sure if they have it all winter too- probably!!!