April 11, 2007

Market day Certaldo ( wed)

Mr Cipriani

My little village Certaldo has two market days.

Wednesday is the larger day when they close down the main road around town by the pool, and have a huge market, the kind with clothes, food, housewares and plants.
It was fun to be off work and catch up on town action and gossip.
Today we were inspired by the Cipriani Brother's stand, a gastronomia, where one buys cheese, salami's and they also specialize in dried fish, quite popular in Florence area, being so far from the sea, Bacala, salt cod, arringa, herring, and both anchovies and salted sardines acchiughe e sarde, to be soaked and then packed in oil.
Great with a gottino of wine!
( shot glass)

no shopping lists.. let the market speak!
hand-cut prosciutto

Mr Cipriani

salt-cured Sicilian anchovies

fresh and aged pecorino cheese ( sheep's milk) and parmesan

fresh fava beans


Sicilian bread with sesame seeds
marinated herring
two kinds of salad greens
fresh red onions
raw sausage.. to eat raw!
( only when FRESH and in Tuscany!)


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  1. Anonymous8:55 PM

    We vacationed in Tuscany several years ago and one of our favorite memories is the market in Certaldo. We were there on a Wednesday and especially enjoyed the grilled rotisserie meats being served. That with some wonderful cheeses - one of the best lunches we ate!
    We will be on a Med cruise this fall and plan to rent a car in Livorno to get to some of the quaint towns in Tuscany. We'd love to hook up with one of the markets, but we'll be there on a Monday. Any ideas where the market sets up on Mondays? (Especially where the rotisserie truck will be)