April 26, 2007

Over the Tuscan Grill

Cool breezes and warm days over this Italian holiday weekend call out for the BBQ.
Tuscans love to grill!

The air is just lightly scented with the first Acacia blossoms and smoke from the farmers burning off the cuttings from the olive trees, preparing for summer's heat.

Most homes have small fireplaces in the house to provide heat, but also a space for cooking.
Wood is the favorite source of combustion, and there is lots of it here.

This June my friend Kate and I are heating it up in Chianti with a series of day classes, featuring PIG.. in all forms, and HEAT.

Of course Dario will be involved.. as he is the King of Chianti.

So a slow holiday seemed a great time to light up!

Heating the BBQ, I threw some whole garlic cloves in the ashes to cook.

Chicken... Alla Diavolo.. with chili and black pepper

a couple if sweet peppers, roasted along side then sweated and peeled

It was smelling like Mexico

So what is a grill girl to do..
run into the house and make tortilla's!

There are none in my area of Chianti!

Fajita's Tuscan Style!

All I was missing was the Cerveza!


  1. Awesome fusion meal!

  2. Fragrance and profumi are a strong force.. Mexico was calling me!

  3. Perfect for cinco de mayo!

    I'm always lurking~ rarely posting. I love to visit!