May 13, 2007

Food Glorious Food

Spring is one of the most exciting seasons to cook, as we all look forward to coming out of the dark winter to bright spring.. more light and gifts from the garden!

A mild winter is bringing early gifts from the fields, we even have our first evening fireflies.

Green and purple are my colors in spring and nature answers out with it's own pairings in the Asparagus and Artichokes
Here's what we've been doing!

oven-roasted violet asparagus

baby artichokes

my own FIRST homegrown artichoke!

my neighbors cherries are almost ready!!!

Baby milk-fed lambchops, to be oven roasted
simply with my Tuscan Herb Rub

Crostoni with rich buffalo mozzarella and roasted peppers

Germana's green beans are in season too

our first Ricotta stuffed zucchini blossoms
ready to batter fry

Crisp tart almost red tomatoes, perfect for frying or making green tomato sauce.

my persian version of panna cotta, infused with saffron and topped with Sicilian pistacchio's

from our break at the Casa del Vino, stuffed cherry tomatoes and Chianti

This memory from Diamante in Calabria inspired a class recipe,
homemade gnocchi with a seafood sauce!

summer heat, cool summer dinners
raw beef carpaccio topped with raw artichokes
and shaved parmesan cheese.

Join me in June or September for my Chianti programs
Be Italian once a year with Divina Cucina!


  1. Yum, yum, yum. I love change of seasons here because it means a new cycle of fresh foods! Great photos :)

  2. gorgeous artichoke, oh, yes, and the itty bitty lambchops too.

  3. Artichokes and lamb.. what could be more perfect!

    Pim... need to get to a faster connection to try to watch Pim TV!

  4. Wow everything looks divine!


  5. Diamente! I went there with my Italian cousins and had a fabulous seafood risotto. Thank you for bringing back such lovely memories.

    Italian woman at the table

  6. Oh, it all looks so beautiful! Congratulations on your artichoke!!

  7. Thanks... that was the MAMMA. the big one.. she had two babies on her stem... now the each have one so we ate the babies when they grew in a carpaccio, sliced paper-thin in thinly sliced raw beef!

    No there are two more on that stem, and another new stem has appeared. Good thing I only planted one!