May 2, 2007


Grom's May Gelato menu in Florence

It is in the news... GROM is coming to NY!

Originally from Torino, GROM has shops all over Italy.
Our FLorence shop opened about 4 years ago, and it is hard to stay away!

Wonderfully rich, but not too sweet ice creams and sorbets only made from the BEST!
  • Organic Eggs
  • bottled water for the sorbets
  • sicilian pistacchios
  • chocolate from master Guido Gobino in Torino, from Venezuala and Equador
  • and more!

It's all about the ingredients.
They use milk from small local farms and are going to be growing their own organic fruit!
What will they think of next!

Many of the ingredients are Slow Food Presidium items, meaning that they have been selected as something special that is to be protected. What better place than in ice cream?

Yes this means it costs more... But you deserve the best!

I hope that they have success!!!


GODI.... enjoy!

Grom New York
opens Saturday May 5th 2007
Broadway and 76th


  1. i discovered GROM when visiting my favorite bookstore Paperback Exchange in florence during the month of december!
    i had never heard of it before and NOONE was in there. i loved it and immediately made my family try it, too!
    thanks for highlighting such a great find!

  2. wow that was quick.. were you googling GROM?

    Dedicated gelato lover eating it in December.

    Did you try their hot chocolate too???
    I love getting my ice cream " affogato" drowned in hot chocolate!

    thanks for stopping by.

  3. I discovered Grom's gelateria beside the Duomo a few weeks after it opened shop and it instantly became one of my favorites (and I'm rather picky on gelato!). It is surely among the best in central Florence, and definately not pricier than many other gelaterie around the Duomo, which serve overly sweet, air-filled, artificially thickened and coloured blobs to the uninformed tourist.

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  5. Yum sounds so good! I am devoted to Gelato. Wish they had a GROM in Florida!

  6. hey if they are franchising.. New york is just a start!