June 16, 2007

The heat is on!

Getting ready to grill with my friend Kate Hill,
the heat is on!
Florence has warmed up as we get ready to stoke up our wood burning oven and light the BBQ!
But after all that hot stuff... we'll all want to cool off with some nice gelato!

Chocolate semifredo and fresh fig ice cream at Damiani, just past Piazza Tasso
Another unlisted treasure!

If you are in Florence and looking for a way to stay cool,
try using my list of wine bars for light meals and then
a treasure hunt for the best Gelato in town.

What's your favorite place?
and flavor?


  1. Hi Judy,

    Just stumbled across your blog and was delighted to find it. I contacted you through your website in Fall of 2005 and you were kind enough to answer questions about Florence for me. I hand delivered a box of See's candy to your school as a way of saying thank you. Hope you got it.

    Your restaurant suggestions were perfect and I pass along your web address on a regular basis. Now I can do the same with your blog.

  2. My favorite place is anywhere with you! xo

  3. Oh thank you for the tips... I'll make my rounds next year. =D

  4. YUM

    I have a container of sour cream strawberry ice cream in the freezer (from Zebovitz's book) awaiting my spoon. It isn't the same as being in Florence ans snarfing back cup after cup of gelato but it will have to do!

  5. Carabé's gelati are very good, but their granita (Antonio is a master!) is so overwhelmingly good that gelati pale in comparison.
    Have you ever tried their prickly pear? Or lemon? I recall that years ago he told me his father used to send him fresh, ripe lemons from Sicily. And their coffee, with whipped cream. A masterpiece. Never have it after dinner, or you'll spend your night wide awake (Sometimes I can't resist the temptaion, though). And don't forget their Cannoli alla Siciliana. Best in town.

    (I am a Carabé fan, I think it shows)

    For gelati, my favourite is the Gelateria de'Medici, right outside the city center (try their Cuneese, dark chocolate with Rum, or the ice cream truffles), or Perché No (their Fiordilatte with Sesame seeds and Honey is not to be missed). Grom is also very good and... you had me at talking about gelaterie! :-)