June 30, 2007

Queen of Easy

I love to cook, but not to spend all day sweating over long, tedious recipes.
I have no big machines got rid of all those.

My way of cooking is to tweek recipes to make them easy,
but without losing the flavor and quality.

A perfect example, instant mash potato gnocchi
the basket is from Calabria and puts the ridges on the gnocchi.

Fresh tomato sauce and handmade pesto!

I am looking forward to seeing everyone at my classes at Ramekins in Sonoma and COOKIT in Santa Barbara as well as my reunion with the Kansas City Slow Food, with Jasper!

Look out here I come!


  1. I just discovered your blog, and have so enjoyed my visit! I, too, simplify recipes where I can (there's a lot of living to do!). I am adding your blog to my list so that I can visit often.



  2. Anonymous3:16 AM

    Hi Diva,
    Your blog is great and I have been lurking for a looong time. I'll be in the Liguria in September, making a return visit to Chiavari and and then traveling to Tuscany (San Quirico d'Orcia)for a family wedding. I would love to have a Corsetti stamp made by Franco Casoni. Do you think I need to contact him by email or does he have a selection of stamps available? Do you know anyone in the Liguria (or Chiavari) that sells his pasta stamps. I would love to have something personalized but I don't have the celebrity status like you do! And, that's a true compliment. Our last name is Bacigalupi, before it was Americanized. Our actual family name is Bacigalupo. I would love to have something personalized to take back to my kitchen. Funny, huh, how we foodies have our priorities straight. By the way, we will be traveling from the Liguria for a short stop in Florence. We've been to Florence many times but this will be our son's first visit and we know he will love it. Thanks for any info on the Corsetti stamp. Linda in California lbacigalupo@sbcglobal.net

  3. I actuallu love italian cook.I just discover your blog and I enjoy averu much.