June 6, 2007

worth a thousand words

While touring it is impossible to blog.
Here is a "Taste" of our Chianti Classico Experience!

We successfully dodged the rain and had a splendid week exploring the countryside, meeting the masters who have set the bar for the BEST there is.....
shopping, eating fabulous foods,drinking great wines and enjoying breath-taking the views!

first porcini of the season

"Bread of the day, wine of the year with friends of a lifetime"
Tuscan saying

building out Italian palate at the Central Market

timeless faces at the Siena Market

Tuscan breakfast at the inn

chefs sharing their secrets for new presentations of classic recipes

New presentations for michelin star restaurants.... twisting classics

Nothing like spring in Chianti

new grapes promising wine

young unripe walnuts waiting for June 24th to become Nocino!

Sharing my Tuscany with new friends is like seeing it for the first time
again and again!

Mille Grazie!


  1. Judy

    Thanks for these pics, I recognize the Conti market stall - we just finished the Tuscan herb blend that we bought there - now I shall have to use my mezzaluna to make my own. Tuscany in the spring looks lovely. Having visited in the fall I think a return in teh spring is in order!

  2. love the photos...looks like delicious fun! : )

  3. I was lucky enough to be in Tuscany at the end of May (near Pisa rather than in Chianti) and it is such a beautiful time of year! I can't wait to go back.

  4. aaahhh...stefano...and the guy from siena...i would go broke buying food i don't need....