July 18, 2007

Let's just say I have been technically challenged this visit to the states.
Couldn't get my wireless setup expect one day....
Had problems using the cell phone chip my brother left me...

Spent too much time working..as usual!

Can't wait to get home to rest... from these vacations in the US

I am sitting in the Cinncinati International Airport, waiting , as my flight to NY was cancelled.
They very nicely and smoothly rescheduled me to take off at 7pm direct to Paris and connecting to Pisa, so only arriving 2 hours after I was originally scheduled to land.

Had a fabulous three days in Kansas City with Slow Food members, Jasper, Marci, Mariann and their friends and family.

Mariann picked me up and took me to my hostess, Marci, with her darling puppy Greta ( she almost came home with me in my carry-on, but Marci was watching!

Sunday we toured, ate and got ready for a dinner Monday: reunion dinner party for the Slow Food members who came on the tour last fall to Torino Salone del Gusto and then to Tuscany. ( next year Sicily!!!)
Tuesday am was TV, making salami dolce and limoncello on the morning show, then that night we attended a great dinner / book signing at Jasper's .

The next day was a rushed shopping... then lunch at Micheal Smith's new place ( we tured together 10 years ago) lovely lunch! Great space....

Then off to taste Christopher Elbow's Chocolates.. and off to do Live! from Jasper's Kitchen RAdio show.

It will be aired Sept 1.. and I will link to it.

Badk to the restaurant to prepare dinner for 50 with Jasper's great Staff

Marv was my main man!!!

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  1. Soo, you need a vacation from your vacation? That's funny :) Though you sound very busy, radio shows? cooking for 50? That doesn't sound like a vacation at all!...