July 27, 2007

Sweet Summer Gifts

Sweltering heat.... sweet summer gifts!

Shopping at the local vendors we found summer in full swing, not willing to wait for tomorrow's weekly market here in Certaldo, I am finally over my jetlag and needed to cook!

Fresh peaches, still warm from the trees turned into a Peach Crumble.

We also found Cuore di Bue tomatoes, as large as a bull's heart, which they are named for these meaty tomatoes where right from the garden.

Tomorrow's trip to the market promises more gifts to inspire me!

Look for local farms to get your summer gifts from, ask for the closest CSA group near you!

I can't tell you how incredible fruits and vegetables taste that have not been refrigerated. Can you remember from your childhood?

I was lucky enough to have heard David Mas Masamoto, author of Epitaph for a Peach speak at an IACP convention years ago.
Farmer-Poet..... when you eat a peach.... you will think of him!
Read his books.
Buy Local... Celebrate the Seasons.

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  1. Hi Judy-
    Yes - nothing like fresh-from-the-field food! Kirk and I walked to our Saturday market by the lake this morning, bought ingredients for a market supper with friends - caprese, sweet corn, nectarines for a sparkling sangria - I'm getting hungry as I write!
    Just back from several weeks in Italy and France - thought of you while at Florence's Mercato