August 10, 2007

5 Minutes of Fame!!!

Food and Wine September issue is out, with their Italy special issue, and guess how is listed as one of the Cooking School Pioneers!


20 years later, I guess so, but all I was really doing was creating the sort of program I myself would like. Small groups, market tours, choosing the menu and if possible one day only!

At the time , all that was available were weeklong programs, with lots of touring as well as cooking.

Looks like a great issue.. Can't wait to get mine.

Nice that lot's is online to read too.. until I get my copy!

Grazie mille!

Next big news...
Diva cooking at Dario's


  1. Brava e complimenti!!!!

  2. BRAVA!! BRAVA!!

  3. If anyone deserves it you do Judy!


  4. Congrats, and well deserved. Keep writing...

  5. Anonymous7:56 PM

    Judy, congrats! I'll have to go out and get that magazine.
    Please let us know more about cooking classes at Dario's for 2008. We haven't made fall plans yet and might be considering Italy again.
    chiaro di luna

  6. I heard about you from Judith Decobabeone because of my interest in cooking classes. I did mention my desire to go to italy and learn cooking there. Congrats on your F&W mention!

  7. The info will be on my site.
    I am already going to incorporate the Chianti classes with programs I have now, as the kitchen is ready!

    if you are interested, go to my site and sign up to recieve my newsletter.

    I am just getting ready to send out a new one.