August 3, 2007

Tiny Taste of Torino-EATALY

I love Torino!!!

We started going up when our friend Antonio started dating Patrizia, now they have a son that is 20 years old. Having friends is a great way to see a city and why we do it slowly, knowing we can always go back.

Last time we finally saw the Cinema Museum in the Mole Antoniana which is incredible!
This trip was to see the Egyptian Museum, second in the world, only to Cairo.

And for the foodie part, to visit EATALY, the new culinary center opened in January.
WOW... it is huge.

Located in the old Carpano factory, EATALY is like the IKEA of food!

A virtual candy-store for foodies. We spent 4 hours there and I could easily have spent twice that.

On the EATALY site it says New York and Genova are next!

The shelves are loaded with the best of the best. Many SLOW FOOD products, and besides pantry staples.There is a fresh market as well as a butcher and fish monger.

Each of the market sections also has a fabulous restaurant, with food reasonably priced.

There is a Fish, Meat, Veggie restaurant upstairs and downstairs near the Beer Wine and Water market, a fabulous grill is set up.

We went to the fish part and two of us had the daily special, fried fish, salad, a class of sparkling white wine.. bread and water included in umlimited amounts, for 15 euro.

My husband had a plate of grilled shrimp and scampi ( 12 euro) served with a grilled tomato and a boiled potato

and our friend had seared tuna, served with a balsamic sauce and the same tomato and potato side.

The total for the 4 of us with a bottle of lovely white wine was 50 Euro!
Cafetteria prices for fabulous bistro style food.
We passed the other stands and saw that the portions were generous throughout!

Young entusiastic staff also made it a pleasant experience.

After lunch we toured the Carpano museum, great graphics!
Then we headed for coffee, the house coffee is from the mountains of Guatemala and I noted two chocolate tempering machines in the back of the bar.

I had the Gianduja, 30 grams for 1 Euro!
It was perfect.

EATALY has a lovely bookstore, kitchen supplies, spices, candies ( Guido Gobino chocolates, Venchi chocolates and my favorite Leone Candies.

They are especially respresenting local Piedmontese products, but Pasta from Gragnano and San Marzano tomatoes from Naples held a huge part of the shop.

Aging rooms for Culatello and for cheeses, open to the public.

This place is a real Disneyland for food!
Can you tell I LOVED IT.

Of course there was also a gelato stand, quite the crowded spot, but I will have to return again to taste the gelato. There was just so much to take it, it was really a sensory overload!

I bought a fabulous book on cheese making, which will be a project for this summer as I want to document using natural rennet from the artichoke plant the the fig plant, and now is the time when I have access to both!


  1. Ciao, it is dwight from the Marche, sounds like fun at Eataly. I will have to take it in before or after "Cheese" at Bra. I have tried 2 of your recipes and both have earned raves, the bread and tomato salad and the carciofi bruschetta spread. Let me know how the cheese making goes! We want to buy the fresh pecorino from here and then age them, but need a cooler spot. Buon weekend. DDS

  2. How funny. Look at those cans (are they tomatoes?), then look at this:

    Hommage or rip-off?

  3. Dwight.. you must go... but if you are going to CHEESE too, don't know how much sensory overload you can take!

    Kitt- Hommage I am sure.. great link!

  4. yes.. canned tomatoes.. and great ones at that!

  5. Sounds like the place to be! Oh and I love San Marzano tomatoes ever since I tried them (canned). I'm hoping to grow some in my garden this year. My Zio Antonio has owned a bar in Torino for years and years. It was nice to read a little about what's going on in that beautiful city.


  6. Leesie- put torino in the search box at the top of the blog and you can see more of Torino!!!
    I adore it- reminds me a lot of my own home town- San Francisco!