August 11, 2007

Virgin gelato

ok.. you got to trust a sicilian when they talk about gelato.
My friend Jasper, comes from a Sicilian family and his uncle has been making gelato for ever.

I never make gelato as I live in the land of gelato....
but this Extra Virgin Gelato sounds great!

I think his version is from Mario Batali.

here is David L's recipe too.. from his fabulous book Perfect Scoop!!! buy the book!!!
Make someone happy.. make then dessert!

If you are coming to Florence.. here is a short list ( look at the sidebar on the right-hand side)
of some of my favorite gelato places.

Don't forget to try GROM too at Via delle Oche 24R, on the corner of Via del Campanile just to the right of the Duomo. They are in NY as well as many other cities. They began in Torino.

Tomorrow I am going to make one of David's toppings for gelato to take to a dinner at Dario's tomorrow!

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  1. Yes, it is VERY SIMILAR to Batali's Gelato! I also like to drizzle some at the end right before I turn off the machine!