September 2, 2007

Schools Open!!!

September is when Florentines come back from their month's vacation at the sea,
the city fills with the "off-season" tourists, that have now made Florence
wall-to-wall with tourists through October
first and foremost, school opens.

Not to miss out on this experience I also am going to school, telecommuting!
Several years ago took a online chocolate class through Ecole Chocolat
which I enjoyed, and now offer a Master Class in Florence for their Graduates every October, visiting the Master's a work! Tough job!

This year I am working on my writing.
I am going to be studying with Candace Dempsey for a 10 week program.

Our homework for the first week is to write about a food memory.
I have a really bad memory, so will see how it goes.

I don't have memories of baking cookies at my grandmother's knee's.
We sewed!
Both grandmother's.

I do remember my first Easy Bake Oven
Also the success of my mud-pies with the neighbor's son.
They took him to the doctor's as he really ATE them, but discovering that he had a vitamin deficency, I was told to be sure to remove any rocks from my mud pies and that all was well!

Although I felt more the tomboy, I was quite famous for my dinner decorations when I cooked for special occassions, creating costumes for my trolls to complete the them dinners.

During high school, I avoided home ec classes, and continued sewing.
The 70's food memories were Top Ramen noodles for lunch, an apple and Velveeta cheese.
TV dinner's were a treat.
My mom's ice cream jello, made with orange jello, vanilla ice cream and
a can of mandarin oranges or the equally as good raspberry version.

When my mom made her improvised Chinese stirfry, I ALWAYS bit into the huge hunk of ginger, no matter how large the pot was or how many were at dinner.

So, thanks for your patience, and reading through my homework!

Tomorrow I have my first homework due!
Wish me luck.

PS When I was in Kansas City in July I registered a radio show with Jasper Mirabile for Jasper's Kitchen.
It should be available soon as a podcast here.


  1. Ooh fun! I hope you'll continue with updates on the course; Candace is another of my favorites :)

  2. Judy, isn't it fascinating how we are able to go beyond those early food experiences as a child?

    My mom had a leftover bucket which she kept in the freezer. Every night the dinner's leavings were dumped into the bucket. Then on Friday came the 'treat' - she would thaw out the bucket, dump it all into a casserloe and bake it up. ARGH It is a wonder that I like food today!

  3. haha..I had the easy bake oven too! And also the "hostess buffet". Do you remember that?
    And we also made mud pies and decorated them with grasses, dandelion flowers and pebbles :)

  4. Well when I was a child I wanted and Easybake Oven as long as I can remember. My mother thought they were dangerous, so I never did own one, until last Christmas at the age of 44 my brother and his wife bought one for me! I was so excited I cried.