September 20, 2007

September is my favorite month

September is the perfect time to enjoy Florence and Chianti
Seems that families and friends love to come to celebrate the seasons.

the big chill celebration in panzano

"Bread of the day, wine of the year with friends of a lifetime"

say Cheese!

wine sold in bulk near my house

Fresh pear and pecorino ravioli

Seasonal still life with quinces

our porcini's for class


  1. Sigh ... to be in Italy in September. I agree - beautiful month (except in Louisville where it's still 90 degrees)

  2. I was just telling someone this morning about our wonderful class with you - and the photos make me want to be there again!
    Enjoying fall in Virginia for now-

  3. Those pear and pecorino ravioli sound wonderful.

  4. How lucky to be in Italy in Sept.!Your food look wonderful!

  5. why can't we buy bulk wine in the U.S.?

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    Jeena xx

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