October 24, 2007

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun- Chianti 2007

The girls are back for another great time in Chianti

cooking class with the Diva

Our Porcini Mushroom Risotto with Fresh Grated White Truffle $$$$$

They are worth it!

The Art of Eating and Cooking Italian..
oh yeah drinking too!

We are not limiting ourselves to Chianti
Our first lunch out must ALWAYS be with Paolo and his incredible Martinis!

Chianti Martini at it's best

One of our lunch items
and then


After lunch with our new friends from Austria at Dario's

The morning market had us meeting Judy's friend Gary Danko
one of San Francisco's great chef

Another perfect day in paradise!
Sunset from out villa in Castellina in Chianti.


  1. Margaret in Alabama12:04 AM

    Dear Miss Diva, Thank you for the mini va-cay I take when I visit your blog. While I am phyiscally in Alabama, I am with you in all your wonderful adventures! I'll be there one of these days. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  2. Anonymous4:27 AM

    Who is that kissing my mother-in-law's neck?! Could it be Paolo? How many martinis were served at this lunch?! :-)


    PS - I forwarded these photos to Brian in Minneapolis! I think he's going to have questions too Sue!

  3. Judy- Your $$$$$ made me laugh. Truffles are so expensive but worth it. The black ones we grow here in Australia are $3000 a kilo. Its a once a year splurge for us and one we look forward to. X

  4. Judy these photos are great....looks like I better sign us up for June!

  5. yes it was Paolo!
    when we called to let them know we were coming, he was not there..
    when we walked in the martini glasses where lined up and there he was for us!!!

    Often people ask if I miss SF.
    What's to miss?
    being near the water....

    Deb.. kisses are not qaranteed on the trip but a good time yes!

    Bring your friends and let's party!

  6. Oooo...I want to dive into each of those pictures. Looks like it was great fun. I'm trying to promote your cooking programs to clients of mine that want to do something like that in Florence. I keep trying.