December 20, 2007

Week in Chianti -$10

Hard to believe but true!
All it takes is $10 for a raffle ticket for a chance to win a week in Chianti.

With a mini Camp Cassoulet thrown in.
Kate Hill from Gascony brings Cassoulet to Tuscany.
Perhaps you will win both the Tuscan Week and Kate's Cassoule!

From pig to pork, it will be a fabulous week!

Stop by and bid for our week!

Thanks for giving!

and because we are in the holiday season
here is one of my old posts about my favorite cookie
Riccarelli from Siena

isn't that worth a $10 donation?
Pretend it is a class!

There are some incredible gifts being offered, some will be shipped to your home.
others from America with events, meals, tours
Give yourself a little present under the tree!

or your friends and family!

Even if you don't win the raffle, you have won by feeding kids in Africa
and giving then a future.

Happy Holidays.

1 comment:

  1. Judy $ 10 is a very small price indeed to pay for the joyous pleasure of spending time and learning with you!