January 9, 2007

Italian Eye Candy

Lucky me...
on the train ride back from Florence to Certaldo..
I spotted one of Italy's new hot chef's.

foto from book: Se in Cucina c'e Simone

Simone Rugiati, is a bomb of energy.
He has a 10 minute recipe show on the Gambero Rosso Channel is a guest chef on a well known morning show called Prova del Cuoco, in RAI and also does consulting, catering..and just came out with a new book
Se in cucina c'e Simone ... menu's for all occassions..
It is in Italian, with a DVD so would be a fun way to learn Italian..and cook!

check out his site
the book will be available online soon!

His new show SOSimone, he has a guest in the kitchen and helps them out!

Not just another pretty face, he was charming and really a smart cookie!

January 1, 2007

Happy 2007

I have always dreamed about making a calendar of the market.. but never got around to it.

thanks to Flickr....

Here is your Market Calendar!

To download the calendar, click on the link above, then click on each month.

You choose a size and download image to your computer, FREE!

Please let me know if you enjoy it!

I am also thinking about doing several others, food from the market, and Florence and Chianti.

The San Lorenzo market has been a second home to me and a school.
Market vendors my teachers as well as sharing a coffee and recipes with fellow clients.

Cooking with the seasons, as only a market can teach you, relying on a fragrance of a ripe piece of fruit or a magic moment of perfect ingredinet to create a menu.

I hope that 2007 brings a sense of simplicity , quality and fun to your food!
Spend more time shopping...and less time cooking!

Embrace the seasons!